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Some people think that to be strong is to never feel pain.  In reality, the strongest people are the ones who feel it, understand it and accept it. Life can be full of unexpected things, either happy or sad, but no matter what things may happen, just always keep a loving heart, a wise mind and a strong faith in God who will always stay with us through all the journey of our life. ~Unknown


It has been an inspiration to have come so far with the author’s recent fulfillment reflect on how determination and hard work pay in times of adversity when her other half sustained serious injury.  In that the strength of mind may well provide potential openings in the direction of great prospects.  Nevertheless, it was as a result of her growing  confidence that had led her to continuous high expectations to achieving her life goal. A real desire is from this time an achievement that stood delivered – an impression in place of her legacy.

The administrator of this website wishes you head up and stay strong.  And if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, come visit us.


This motivating website is set up to help inspire people who are experiencing a sense of hopelessness; it is to encourage hopefulness and to give meaning to life – A New Life of Hope.



We should expect hope’s reciprocity as a natural flowering of the life of hope. Helping others and nurturing hope is expressive of hopefulness itself. It is an extension of the hopeful self to reach out to others, promoting the connection of agency and the enrichment of horizons of meaning. Hope’s reciprocity grows out of the very social nature of hope; we thus frequently see it live in family relations, in intimacy, in love. And so hope spreads. This spreading should not surprise us; like love, it is freely given, fostered, and nurtured.

~Patric Shade

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